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Gillen Reveals His "Iron Man" Mission Statement for Marvel NOW!
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While I don't assume it, most people know Iron Man from any of the movies. So I'm playing with the expectations people have from the films. I'm showing them what's similar and what's different. In this case we have Tony having a conversation about belief. He's incredibly sure about himself especially in the movies and here he's a little bit unsure, but he's still being very arrogant when talking about how unsure he is.

He does pilot the most powerful weapon on Earth and tries to use it for non-lethal peacekeeping means. He uses it a lot like Pepper Potts' Rescue armor, which was implicitly made to be non-lethal. But it's not a Rescue suit... but it's not War Machine either. [Laughs] Iron Man is a weapon and it's the reason why he's kept this technology away from people.

To me it's interesting that Tony is with Pepper in the movie and I wanted to show that's not where they are now. That's part of the reason why she has this conversation with the woman at the bar and the woman says, "If he had his head together he would be with someone like you." So for people who haven't read an Iron Man comic before you get this sense that Tony isn't with her, but maybe there was something between them before and it didn't work out. You don't need to know what happened just that for reasons of Tony being basically a fuck up he's not with any one of these brilliant women.

He talks about the checklist in his conversation with Pepper and that worries her because she knows what an idiot Tony can be.

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